Dental Implants in Toronto

A Natural Replacement for Teeth

Missing, decaying, and damaged teeth can affect your health, lower your self-esteem, and reduce your quality of life. Dr. Suzanne Caudry is here to provide a natural and life-long solution to your problem.

Dr. Caudry is one of Toronto’s leading dental implant experts. She is renowned for her exceptionally high rate of success, the safety of her procedures, and the quality of the implants she installs. Whether you need to replace a single tooth or all of your teeth, she has the skill, experience and expertise to fix your smile for good.

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An Internationally Recognized Expert in Dental Implant Surgery

Dr. Caudry is a leading periodontist, a skilled surgeon, and a celebrated dental implant specialist. For over 20 years, she has been providing quality dental implants across the Greater Toronto Area, and has developed a proven track record of improving the dental health and well-being of her patients.

Her practice specializes in dental implantology, and she is an internationally recognized expert in the field. Dr. Caudry is proud to have been a main speaker at the world conference in Sweden, where Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark first invented the procedure for dental implants.

She obtained her PhD in Microbiology at La Trobe University in Australia and her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at McGill University in Montreal. Since then, she has specialized in Periodontics at the University of Toronto, where she now teaches and researches implant surgery.

Local Dental Implants Done Right

Dr. Caudry is renowned for providing fast, reliable and affordable results for her clients. Her precision and expertise ensure that all her patients recover from surgery quickly and that their implants look and perform exceptionally well.

She combines state-of-the-art technology and time-tested techniques to ensure consistent quality for all her surgeries. To maximize the success of her implant procedures, she uses computer-guided surgery technology, which reduces the invasiveness of the surgery.

With Dr. Caudry, you can rest assured that you and your smile are safe. She will work with you to give you a solution that preserves the integrity of your smile and lasts a lifetime.

Dental Implants: Then and Now

Dental implants are a miracle of the modern age. Though there had been primitive forms of dentures and false teeth prior to the mid-20th century, there had been little to no success in surgical implantology.

The first of many innovations in implantology came about in the year 1952. The Swedish medical researcher Dr. Per-Ingevar Branemark made the chance discovery that titanium integrated with the bone after noticing that a rabbit’s femur had fused with a titanium cylinder. This would prove to be a major “aha” moment. Soon after this discovery, Branemark changed the direction of his work to investigate further the body’s ability to tolerate titanium—a process that came to be known as “osseointegration.”

The first time the process of osseointegration was attempted in the field of dentistry was in 1965. Branemark placed a titanium dental implant into a human volunteer, and with great success. From there, things began to move quickly. Presently, dental implants are considered the greatest solution for missing teeth.

The Computer-Guided Smile Design Process: Digital Dental Implant Procedures

Though dental implant surgery is a relatively new procedure, there have been many incredible advancements in a short period of time. The greatest progress by far has been the integration of computer-guided technologies and digital workflows.

Without computer-guided methods, there are many benefits, some of which include:

Greater Accuracy for Implant Placements: From the placements of the implants to digital impressions, the computer-guided approach has an unmatched accuracy. With the computer-guided method, surgeons can plan the entire implant procedure step by step before you even sit in the dentist’s chair. We’re able to anticipate and avoid any setbacks which would have previously compromised the accuracy of the placement.

Decreased Risk: With computer-guided surgery, it is possible to see the exact position of sinus cavities, nerves, and bones. This dramatically reduces the risk of complications.

Less Time in the Dental Chair: Thanks to digital workflows and computer technology, patients are not subjected to the same lengthy surgeries of the past. What’s more, the recovery time for computer-guided surgery is significantly shorter.

Less Invasive Procedure: Patients are not subjected to the messiness of dental impressions, and it is also possible to place implants without the need for excessive incisions and sutures.

Does Every Periodontist Practice Computer-Guided Surgery?

There are many, many oral surgeons who have yet to embrace computer-guided surgery. Dr. Caudry, however, has long embraced digital dentistry. In fact, Dr. Caudry was one of the very first surgeons in North America to be trained in this groundbreaking approach to dentistry.

With Dr. Caudry and her team of staff, nothing is left uncertain. The preliminary stages of your implant surgery are planned with complete precision thanks to our three-dimensional bone scans and mess-free intraoral scanner. By the time you sit in our dentist’s chair, you will already have a clear picture of the end-result in your head.

With us, you have nothing to worry about.

A Leader in Dental Implant Rescue

Although dental implant procedures have a very high rate of success, implants can become infected, which can cause further issues, similar to gum disease. In order to prevent such complications, Dr. Caudry takes every precaution to ensure that your implants remain healthy and disease-free. Whether you received implants from her or elsewhere, she is here to provide regular, in-depth check-ups to keep your implant-supported teeth performing and looking their best.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, she will determine the best course of action to protect your implants:

  • Unpleasant smells or tastes in your mouth
  • Receding or discolored gums around the implant
  • Difficulty cleaning around the implant site
  • Swelling and redness around the implant

In cases of poor implant health, Dr. Caudry has a range of strategies to save your implants from extraction. Thanks to her skill and experience, she has managed to perform countless implant rescue procedures that have saved her patients and the patients of other dentists the stress and cost of having to undergo further implant replacement surgeries.

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Dr. Suzanne Caudry is one of Toronto’s leading dental implant experts. Her many happy clients, her students, and her colleagues can all attest to the exceptional quality of her work.

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