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Over the past 20 years Dr. Caudry has travelled the world imparting her knowledge, research, and technical skills to other Dental professionals.

Today Dr. Caudry carries on the tradition of using her exceptionally high level of education and surgical skills to the benefit of her patients.

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Dr. Caudry has demonstrated drive and a pursuit for excellence throughout her career. She is not only a skilled clinician, but also highly educated and celebrated for her achievements and contributions to science.

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Excellent treatment from Dr. Caudry's office. I really appreciate the time and care Dr Caudry took to explain my treatment as it was unexpected and not something I was familiar with. The surgery and post-op care is top quality with useful information + regular follow-ups. I live in the UK but still make my appointments with Dawna seamlessly and enjoy catching up with Elizabeth during my cleaning visits. She's very attentive, thorough and makes the time fly by! Highly recommend to anyone looking for the best care.
Faeza Afzal
15:28 30 Aug 17
Stellar service, outstanding staff, amazing referrals, honest and particular.Dr. Suzanne Caudry is really the best. She always has her patient's interest in mind and never recommends things that don't need to be done. She did two gum grafts for me (which every dentist I go to compliments) and wisdom teeth extraction. Both went perfectly.Her staff, Elizabeth Mary Brooke Foley and Farah are amazing and supportive as well as most importantly, competent. Dawna at the front desk is so knowledgeable and friendly and always on top of things.Caudry also has an incredible and vetted network so if you need any other work done --she knows who is who in the dentist zoo.OVERALL: Amazing experience -everything you want in a periodontist
Amanda Bassin
15:20 11 Aug 17
Dr. Caudry was excellent. I went to her for a second opinion as I wasn't sure about what a previous periodontist had told me about a gum issue I was having. Dr. Caudry was so personable and explained everything to me. It turns out I don't need surgery after all! She really restored my faith in the profession as she was honest and clear with me about my dental needs. Highly recommend! Dawna her receptionist was also amazing, friendly and helpful!
Laura Henderson
03:23 10 Aug 17
Dr Caudry is the best! I was sent back by another periodontist because they weren't comfortable with width of the gap. Was told about her. Immediately she and her staff put me at ease with their confidence and well thought-out plan. Got the implant today and it couldn't be more perfect. She placed it perfectly in the 4.4mm gap.
Afzal Najam
18:00 28 Sep 17
I had a gum graft on my lower teeth, as my gums were receding due to over brushing and over crowding. Her work was quick neat and efficient, my gums look perfect. After care was excellent, she worked around my work schedule. Members of staff at her surgery were also extremely friendly. I would highly recommend Dr Caudry.
Evelyn Sadlier
16:46 29 Aug 17
For at least two years, my dentist and I discussed the fact that I needed a lower denture — specifically implants — and I just put it off.One day, he just put his foot down: “David, you need implants and I’m referring you to Dr. Caudry — she’s the best.” Fearful of the procedure and costs, I booked a consultation and met Dr. Caudry on October 24, 2016. She was generous with her time and patient with me— at first, she explored ways in which some of my remaining lower teeth could be “saved” and implants placed around them. Eventually, this approach was deemed impractical, and, at another consultation, we discussed the surgical procedure and the fact that it would all be done under total sedation.And, so it was… a couple of hours later, I woke up in the recovery room, the proud owner of five implants in my lower jaw. Yesterday, I saw Dr. Caudry again (and all of these visits were included in her basic fee) and she cleared me to receive my denture. It’s new teeth for Christmas! Yes, Dr. Caudry is “the best” and she surrounds herself with a patient-centric and caring staff. David FoleyNovember 22, 2017
David Foley
15:03 23 Nov 17
I was referred to Dr. Caudry by my dentist for two implants. Dr. Caudry has patiently and clearly explained all aspects of the process in just the right amount of detail. The doctor is competent, funny and warm. Everyone in the office were wonderful to me. I would recommend Dr. Caudry to my friends and family. It's been a pleasure.
Ioana Timariu
21:13 02 Nov 17
Dr. Caudry is a skilled professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of an implant. In addition to her experience and her expertise, she is straightforward and thorough in explaining what needs to be done.I even found her sense of humour refreshing.From start to finish, I was very impressed.I also found her staff to be extremely personable and helpful.I can hardly wait for my next implant.Eric Skeoch
Eric Skeoch
13:59 28 Nov 17
Dr. Caudry and her team (Dawna and Faro etc) were terrific. I was referred to her office because of gum recession. After consulting with Dr. Caudry, I decided to have a connective tissue graft. The surgery was a success and I really appreciated the time Dr. Caudry and her team took to answer my questions and make this a good experience overall. I highly recommend Dr. Caudry if you have periodontal needs!
Jonathan Heppner
04:30 30 Nov 17
I had a very positive experience dealing with Dr. Caudry and her staff. I was extremely anxious about the whole procedure, but there were lots of options given for making the process easier. The work itself was flawless and healing time was minimal. All the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I definitely recommend Dr. Caudry.
Chrissy Cruise
03:24 29 Dec 17
I have had only positive experiences with Dr. Caudry.She was forthcoming and honest with her diagnosis, and after she performed emergency gum surgery, she told me that she was able to save one of my front teeth despite having conferred with other periodontists that the tooth was not salvageable. Her hygienist is thorough and gentle and I highly recommend her office!
Sari Heiber
00:29 05 Jan 18
My family has been seeing Dr. Caudry for over 15 years. The staff are particularly pleasant and friendly, treatments are professional and effective. Dr. Caudry and her staff are truly amazing! She looks out for the best interests of her patient's dental health. I highly recommend her!
Peter Kontos
00:26 23 Jan 18
Suzanne Caudry is great at her job, and was a pleasure to work with. She and her team were very professional and friendly. You could tell they are passionate about their jobs. Would highly recommend.
Tim Gouw
18:38 30 Jan 18
I highly recommend Dr. Caudry. I have been a patient of hers for more than 15 years and have always been very pleased with the work she has done and the care she has provided. She is a skillful and knowledgeable professional as well as being a caring person who makes her patients feel comfortable and well-looked-after. Her team of assistants and hygienists are also exceptional.
Nina Apa
18:10 19 Feb 18
I have been a patient of Dr Caudry for over ten years. She has take great care of my gums and teeth, including a gum graft for four teeth. Dr Caudry is a very skilled periodontal surgeon, one of the best in Toronto. Her clinical staff is very professional. Patient care is a top priority.
Joe Trotti
16:05 01 Feb 18
I cannot recommend Dr Caudry highly enough - if you have a gum or dental problem, run, don't walk, to Dr Caudry. As a long-time patient, I have always been impressed by her caring, her perfectionism, and her incredible well as her humour! She will always make sure you understand exactly what needs to be done, and will never suggest anything unless it is really necessary. She is a skillful surgeon and really knows her stuff. She is just incredible - the best around - and I recommend all my family and friends go to her whenever possible. Thank you for all years of help and caring, Dr Caudry!
Tai g
18:13 27 Feb 18
I have known Dr Caudry for a few years now, having first met her when I needed gum surgery. She is very knowledgeable, practical and will answer all of your questions. She and her staff understand patients are nervous and they all wish to help. After recently visiting her again for an implant, I can say confidently, that I went to the right practice for this procedure. All went smoothly. I recommend her.
Monique Taylor
12:39 13 Mar 18
Highly recommend!! Dr. Caudry is amazing! She has great experience and is very knowledgeable! I went in for a gum graft procedure with no prior major dental work done. Going in, I didn't know what to expect but Dr. Caudry made me feel comfortable with the process and was very thorough highlighting different options. The staff, Donna and Faro were great and extremely friendly which made for a pleasant experience. Dr. Caudry is one of the best at her craft and I'd recommend her to anyone!
Tejash Rajput
19:33 19 Mar 18
Thank you Dr Caudry and team for a 5* experience from start to finish. I came in with an extreme case of gum recession and now things look as good as new, I couldn't be happier with the results. I hardly felt a thing, and recovery was painless and easy! Thank you again for making a potentially daunting experience a walk in the park. I highly recommend Dr Caudry to all and wouldn't take a chance going anywhere else.
Besma Soliman
19:06 27 Mar 18
Dr. Caudry came highly recommended to me for dental implants by my dentist of over 30 years and by my son, who is also a dental surgeon. The decision was among the smartest I’ve made in a long life of decision-making. The level of skill and professionalism shown by Dr. Caudry simply cannot be overstated. She took all the time necessary to explain in advance, and in detail, the intended procedure, the time-line, the projected cost, and the expected outcome. She and her dedicated team provided as near an anxiety-free, and pain-free, comfort level throughout the procedure as one could realistically hope for whenever dental surgery is involved. And, the post-surgery follow-up care provided by Dr. Caudry reflected the same distinctly professional and supportive approach encountered during the initial procedure. The outstanding assistance and care provided by Dr. Caudry’s office and dental team merits equal mention as this is always an important part of the total patient experience. I recommend Dr. Caudry unhesitatingly.
David Lackman
15:21 09 Apr 18
Five stars is inadequate when reviewing Dr. Caudry. I first went to Dr, Caudry about 10 years ago when I wanted a couple of implants and I found her both passionate and professional. But in 2015 my teeth and gums were in such bad shape that my own dentist suggested I might want to have them all pulled and wear full upper and lower dentures. I went back to Caudry and she disagreed and under her care and the deep cleaning efforts of her wonderful and friendly staff, my gums returned to normal and only two implants were needed. Throughout, her determination to save my teeth galvanized me to follow instructions and I now credit her with saving my mouth. I'm not sure that she wasn't happier than I was at our success but i will be forever grateful.I am also grateful that she took my brother as a patient. He is handicapped with various conditions, some of which affected his teeth, bones and gums very badly. With infinite patience over a long period of time she repaired the damage, and always allowed my brother's wife to be with him and hold his hand during every procedure. Her kindness, mirrored by her staff, went far beyond the call of duty and, rather than a nightmare, her office has become a comforting and even enjoyable place for him to visit.
Clive Endersby
16:05 13 Apr 18
Highest recommendation for Dr. Caudry and her outstanding team! Clean and up to date facilities. Scheduling an appointment is a breeze with a very capable receptionist ensuring you get your reminders. The dental hygienist is friendly, gentle and extremely thorough. Her wonderful medical assistant is extremely attentive to accuracy and detail. Dr. Caudry always greets you with a friendly smile and takes interest in your life outside of the office. She takes her professionalism seriously and will provide you with the best medical advice. She is without a doubt the BEST at what she does and her team is paramount to any other. I came to see Dr. Caudry in desperate need of a periodontist. I had suffered for years from one infection after another and the dentist that I was seeing had recommended that all my teeth be extracted. The day I walked into Dr. Caudry's office, my husband and I were explained by Dr. Caudry the procedure she would undertake in order to save not only my teeth but also my life. I have been in Dr. Caudry's care for over a year now and I can't imagine trusting anyone else but her.Thank you for giving me back my smile!
Franca Tibando
20:09 19 Jul 18
Dr Caudry is a fantastic surgeon with excellent communication skills. I am a nervous patient but she made sure I understood every step of the lead-up to my surgery. Everyone in the office is friendly and I never had a wait time of more than 5 minutes. It was easy to make appointments that fit within my schedule and when I once had to cancel on very short notice, I did not get a hard time or a cancellation fee, like I've had with other dental professionals. I have had a few dental surgeries, starting in my childhood, and this was by far my best experience.
Darcia Armstrong
12:34 11 Aug 18
Dr. Caudry and her team gave me the smile I have always dreamed of and the confidence with it. Thank you so much for everything! Would 100% recommend!
Olivia Champagne
19:06 16 Aug 18
I am fortunate to have been treated by Dr. Suzanne Caudry and assistants.Dr. Caudry preform on me several delicate implants in a complicated area when no other Dentist or Periodontics could. She is the best.Thank you Dr. Caudry and staff,Adina
Adina Sarig
19:37 18 Sep 18
Dr. Caudry is an awesome periodontist. Being a fellow Aussie, I would highly recommend her especially to my friends and family. I was fortunate enough to have been treated by her. She gave me very thorough information both before and after my operation. Her and her office staff and nurses were very helpful and kind and took their time to answer any questions and concerns I had. The nurses were especially kind, helped me relax during my pre-op and were ready to help when I woke up. Thank you!
Steven Lawler
23:38 04 Oct 18
Had my wisdom teeth removed and a gum graft. Friendly and clean office. Dr. Caudry's very matter-of-fact and descriptive about the procedures involved, why they're necessary, and the costs involved and why. Surgery was quick and as easy as it could have been, healing was fast and results were excellent. I'd absolutely recommend Dr. Caudry.
Scott Baker
03:58 10 Oct 18
Dr. Caudry is very knowledgeable and professional. She provides an excellent service and is willing to answer all questions. When speaking with her, you can tell that she has the patient's interest front of mind. The hygienist is very thorough and gentle. I highly recommend the office.
Peter Michaels
18:29 17 Oct 18
I have been going to Dr. Caudry for almost 20 years. She initially did a few surgeries to help stop gum disease that was threatening the loss of my teeth. Since then I have gone regularly for check-ups and cleanings. And now, all these years later, I still have my own strong healthy teeth! I love this practice. Dr. Caudry and her staff have taken very good care of me!
Nancy Burt
13:45 18 Oct 18
The support and attention by Dr Caudry and her team was excellent. They put me at ease and answered all my questions, never feeling rushed out of the office. Dr Caudry is honest and I found her very easy to be around, which is really important when you're worried about something like oral surgery! I was very worried coming in for a graft, and having seen some of my friends and family members before and how noticeable theirs were. With Dr Caudry I had two spots done, and one looked like it healed immediately, looking exactly like my other gums! The other healed up the same way after, within a more normal healing time. Even now when I show people my gum I have to tell them which ones were done, its not noticeable at all! Here's hoping I don't need anymore grafts, but if I do I'll be coming back to Dr Caudry!
Sheena Fennell
00:42 19 Oct 18
The importance of personal oral hygiene is absolutely necessary for many reasons. Dr Suzanne Caudry and her team with the excellent practice has help me over the past 10 years to keep a great health. I look forward to my quarterly appointments. Highly recommended!!!
Paul Onwubuke
16:16 27 Oct 18
I am so grateful to have had my treatment by Dr. Caudry. She is very passionate about her profession. She is caring towards her patients and that made my experience as pleasant as could be. Dr. Caudry has a well maintained practice and her team is amazing!
Sheetal R
04:28 17 Nov 18
Dr Caudry and her very able team were a delight to work with. I had a complicated front tooth extraction in March, an implant put in at the end of August and my final review at the end of November . During the whole process I was kept informed and the service was of a superior quality. Everyone in her office is so friendly and make you feel comfortable at all times. All done with a great sense of humour. I hope not to ave to do this again but if I do I know where I am going.Thank you to the Caudry team of professionals
David Shaw
17:25 21 Nov 18
All I can say is wow! I can't speak adequately to Dr. Caudry' s technical abilities as I would have to be a trained dentist. The 2 procedures I underwent completely defeated any of my prior anticipated anxieties as she was very calming ( her nature). Attention to detail fitted well with my own personality and ultimately my confidence.
Dan Lichtman
13:54 29 Nov 18
Dr. Caudry and her team exceeded my expectations! I found her office via online research and reviews, and am happy to say that all positive feedback was accurate and true. I first went to Dr. Caudry for a cosmetic procedure - crown lengthening - and she was completely transparent with me, thoroughly explaining the process, and ensuring I understood the procedure from beginning to end which helped calm my anxieties and prepare me for the surgery. I am beyond happy with my results, and so glad I found Dr. Caudry's office. I now go to her office for all dental related appointments and cleanings. I fully recommend Dr. Caudry's services.
Breeanna Gallant
18:58 11 Dec 18
I’m very happy with the result of Dr Caudry’s implant surgery. She’s very knowledgeable and problem-solved to make sure I received the best possible outcome for my dental issues. The clinic staff are lovely, I highly recommend her clinic.
Virginie Lesperance
15:44 02 Jan 19
Thanks Dr. Caudry and team! I just had my last appointment and am very happy! I always felt completely confident that I was getting the best advice and treatment I could possibly have.
Dolores Doherty
18:00 10 Jan 19
Most people generally don't like dental work but I have to say the staff at Dr Caudry's office make it a very pleasurable experience. Going in to visit Dr Caudry I had no idea she was Australian so it felt like being home again (yes I am Australian) in fact they are so wonderful I am going back for round 2! Thanks so much
Jo Coleiro
21:10 15 Jan 19
Highly competent, friendly, warm and caring. All staff make you feel welcome and valued. Very much put at ease and given excellent care.
jp Rod
11:24 17 Jan 19
Dr Caudry has provided me with the very best service imaginable for my 3 implants over the last 3 years. She is kind, caring, extremely skilled and capable, and her witty humour certainly helps as well prior to daunting surgical procedures. Donna and the rest of the staff were always very sweet, attentive, and professional. Thanks to all of you for your warmth and excellent service!
Heather MacCuaig
22:13 22 Jan 19
Dr Suzanne Caudry is absolutely amazing and the best at what she does. I was sent to her for a procedure and was told she was the best person to see. She removed a broken screw from my implant. in probably 45 seconds (my implant fell out and a piece of the screw snapped off and was stuck in my jaw)I wouldn’t think twice about going to see her and I promise you will be in the best hands. Dr Caudry is a true gem within the periodontal profession.
Michelle Dziunikowski
17:32 23 Jan 19
Excellent surgery on my gums! I had previous gum surgery by Dr. Caudry 9 years ago and they are sill in excellent shape. Unlike other gum surgeries that I have seen, my grafts are undetectable. I would highly recommend her!
Vivien Parker
17:34 30 Jan 19
Couldn't be happier with my decision to come here after doing lots of research!! Dr. Caudry is the best at what she does! Not to mention her wonderful staff Elizabeth, Fero & Dawna. I've had my four wisdom teeth extracted in one sit, fully sedated. The process was extremely smooth, in and out in no time. Dr. Caudry was able to accommodate me urgently because of the pain/infection I had. I've also had a baby tooth extracted, bone grafting and in the process of having a new implant. I would HIGHLY recommend her!!
17:52 01 Mar 19
I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr .Caudry for many years. She mentored me and taught me an incredible amount. She is a leader in the dental industry, creating her own programs, international studies, speaking engagements and running an on-site teaching centre for dentists and specialists! I highly recommend her work, she is fun and exciting along with being a master at her craft.
Grace Meaney
23:58 18 Mar 19
Dr. Suzanne Caudry and her exceptional team are game changers in gum disease prevention and oral health education.Dr. Caudry performed a bone graph and implant for me, the procedure went very smooth and fast, with no extensive pain or discomfort. She also allowed me to stay awake during the procedure; which was very interesting.I highly recommend her service and expertise. Her energy and professionalism are unbelievable. Also, big appreciation goes to Farah and Dawna for being so nice and supportive!
Arezoo Talebzadeh
15:01 26 Mar 19
Dr. Suzanne Caudry and her team are amazing! I’ve been a patient for ten years – I’ve had two new implants with bone grafts and Dr. Caudry rescued another situation which had resulted in a bad infection. I have full confidence in her and her work. She is very experienced, knowledgeable and professional – she knows exactly what to do in any situation. Her team members Donna and Ferro are very pleasant to deal with and kind, which makes a real difference when you're having surgery.I highly recommend Dr. Caudry and her team!
Vince Brewerton
21:37 26 Mar 19
I initially saw Dr. Caudry to get a second opinion and now am seeing her on an ongoing basis for monitoring. She is extremely knowledgable, and her staff is friendly and efficient (thanks Farrah!). However, the thing that sets Dr. Caudry apart, aside from her obvious expertise, is the fact that she educated me as a patient. Instead of simple recommending or not recommending a procedure, she will talk to you about the 'why'. The time that she takes to educate her patients speaks to both her care and professionalism. I highly recommend.
Erik Rath
22:30 03 Apr 19
I was referred to Dr. Suzanne Caudry by my family dentist when implants became my best solution. Now that the work is done, I am absolutely delighted to report that this was the best thing I've ever done in my life! From the initial consultation and full disclosure of the procedure and cost to the subsequent surgeries and follow-up care, I know I have been in the hands of the best dentist, periodontist and implant surgeon. Dr. Caudry is extremely skilled, caring and most knowledgeable. She and her entire team have been excellent and I am very grateful. I'm happy to be smiling well into the future.
Eleni Floros
20:57 21 Apr 19
After years of experiencing less then stellar dental care practitioners, I went to Dr. Caudry to "fix" the other dentists work. She took her time and explained the status of my dental health in a way I could understand her. She advised me that I would need two implants. It was a no brainer for me to say yes to Dr. Caudry as I not only felt I was in the hands of a top professional in her field, but previous research on her was very impressive. Not only was she a world renowned leader in Periodontics, but she also teaches the Graduate Periodontal program at the University of Toronto. As well, she was an innovator in her field of practice and a internationally published researcher. I felt I colud be in no better hands. I was further surprised during my consultation with Dr. Caudry to see the degrees on her wall and learn that she was also a Microbiologist. The implant procedure went extremely smooth and to my pleasant surprise I had no post op pain as the freezing medication wore off. I went home and had a great sleep and never experienced any discomfort. I would highly recommend her expertise and technical skills to anyone. Thank you Dr. Caudry and thank your brilliant staff who rounded off the experience in such a positive way for me.
D Stevens
00:20 23 Apr 19
I was referred to Dr. Suzanne Caudry for assessment of the need for a dental implant. I have to say that initially I was resistant to the idea that I would need one. Before making my appointment I searched for information about Dr. Caudry and discovered that she is very active within her own practice/profession, as well as teaching, research and providing lectures nationally and internationally.From the moment of my first appointment I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Caudry and her equally professional team. Despite feeling slightly anxious Dr.Caudry and her assistant provided me with very clear information regarding my situation and Dr. Caudry answered all my questions. The recommended treatment included a dental implant, bone grafting and a sinus lift. Despite my initial resistance I knew, based on the frank and instructive information that I would go ahead with the procedures. The information also included the overall cost and timelines for the procedures. All this was clearly presented and accurate.Everything went extremely well. I had absolutely no complications from the procedures. My initial anxiety had disappeared, again because of the clear explanations and instructions, as well as the the relaxed and personable communications of Dr. Caudry and her team. There is a very positive atmosphere within the office that adds to the client comfort and confidence. Thank you so much to everyone. I highly recommend Dr. Caudry.
Darlene O'Donnell
19:29 02 May 19
Dr. Suzanne Caudry and everyone in her office have been outstanding in the care they have provided me. I have found them to be extremely friendly and informative. Most importantly, their outstanding expertise in the treatment of my numerous teeth problems, have really made a difference to my quality of life. They have always inspired great confidence. I could not recommend them more.
David Kraft
14:45 07 May 19
Dr. Suzanne Caudry and her wonderful team of dental professionals are taking incredibly good care of my teeth and gums. When I first came to see them a few years ago, I needed gum surgery. But their educational approach helped me with new dental hygiene techniques and I have not needed gum surgery. Going to have my teeth clean is always such a pleasure. What a great place and staff team!
Debbie Devorah Field
14:41 07 May 19
Great experience. I went in for a crown lengthening (day surgery) in early April, which was a simple process and a pretty quick recovery. Very convenient location as I work midtown and had 4 separate visits. I didn't have a referral so I actually found them on Google. The office is always full and Dr. Caudry does a good job.
Dan Hernden
16:10 14 May 19
The team of staff at this office is like no other! Everyone in this office make me feel so comfortable, and so welcomed. Dr. Caudry explains all procedures in depth and let me know of all options before I commit to something. I highly recommend this office for all of your periodontal needs!
Claudia Mehrabian
17:34 11 Jun 19
Dr. Caudry and her staff are amazing. They were extremely professional and caring from my first appointment to my last post-surgery check-up. The whole process was much quicker, and much more enjoyable than I expected. Highly recommended!
Milan Beric
04:27 19 Jul 19
Excellent experience regarding my recent implant. Dr. Caudry kept me informed at all times and I'm extremely pleased with my implant. I've had fillings put in that were more painful than this implant. She's very gentle when she works. "Dr. Caudry, thank you so much!!"
Rita Miele
00:05 25 Jul 19
I was referred to Dr. Caudry by my own Dentist for the extraction of 2 molars (unsuccessful root canals). She is amazing both professionally and personally. I now have 2 "perfect" implants. Her work is close to painless. She runs a very relaxing hospitable practice. Her staff is great too. I certainly recommend Dr. Caudry. She is perfection plus.Marian Childerhose
norman childerhose
13:39 31 Aug 19
I had a clinical crown lengthening/ periodontal surgery done by Dr. Caudry.She and her assistant did an excellent job from the initial consultation throughout the entire procedure. My gums seem to heal well and I wish I had gone earlier. A shout out to her dental hygienist - I could feel the difference while and after the cleaning - she is amazing! Thank you to the entire team. I felt I was in good hands.
christian mueller
13:20 27 Sep 19
I have consulted many dental specialists all over the world. Dr Suzanne Caudry knowledge, professionalism and human attitude makes her the best dental surgeon and periodontist I ever had the chance to meet. Thank you, Dr. Suzanne :-)
Sandra Gouveia
17:40 07 Nov 19
I just recently completed 5 implants by Dr. Caudry. I will not candy coat this, getting implants is not fun, but her professionalism and honesty made the experience as comfortable as possible. She explained everything so there were no surprises. If you need implants or any other periodontal treatments, I would highly recommend her and her staff.
Greg Rist
14:47 16 Nov 19
I highly recommend! Dr. Suzanne Caudry is very knowledgeable and personable.. a real pleasure. I had a bad infection in my front tooth and did not know where to go. I was just looking online where I can find doctor. Based on the reviews I found Dr. Suzanne and I did the right decision, I am truly impressed!! I had to pull out the tooth and replace with implant. The hole process took 7-8 months: pulled out the frontal tooth, waited 4 months for the bone to heal, placed the implant and 3Months later permanent crown. They succeeded! Dr. Caudry is extremely detailed at her work and has a drive for perfection. Dr. Suzanne and her team are just wonderful!
Elibjonda Hoxha
04:53 17 Nov 19
I had to have an emergency procedure done and I can't say enough good things about Dr. Caudry and her team. She's extremely skilled at her craft and I was at ease the entire time. Highly recommended!
Jaime Lipowitz
23:44 21 Nov 19
Highly recommend! I find her very experience and very patient. Her staff is even just as good! More then willing to spend time to talk about the work that is going to done with experience, professionalism and a sense of humor!
Alvin V
13:14 29 Nov 19
I had a very bad infection in my front tooth that required a bone grafting surgery. My previous dentist scared me a lot when he diagnosed the infection and told me that it will be a very complicated surgery and my smile won't be the same afterwards. I went to get a second opinion at Dr. Caudry's office. She confirmed that I had to do the bone grafting surgery and that it was a complicated situation given the infection stage but she was very optimistic and confident. She did a fantastic job with the bone grafting and the implant. It was a lengthy process but all worth it and her entire team was very supportive, Farah and Dr. Caudry are just the best. They also sent me to Dr. Murray to finalize the job at the crown stage and my smile never looked this beautiful. I highly recommend Dr. Caudry and Dr. Murray for their outstanding skills, confidence and professionalism as well as their fantastic team for the support and excellent service.
Karima Tarib
23:23 31 Dec 19
I highly recommend Dr. Caudry! She was soooo welcoming and really calmed my nerves about getting my first dental implant. Her knowledge was impressive and her team members were also great. Definitely one of the best!!!!
Jessica Brigantino
16:52 10 Jan 20
Dr. Caudry is an expert in her field; she and her team are exceptionally skilled, thorough and kind. Beyond the mastery of her practice, there is a strong sense of warmth and compassion in the care you receive. Highly recommend!
Elias Campbell
22:10 11 Feb 20
I praise Doctor Caudry and her team. I received an implant with no absolutely pain. Dr. Caudry picked up on my anxiety and knew the right thing was to do the surgery on the day I met her for the consultation. She was right it was the best idea. I always enjoyed going for follow up appointments as well because she is so nice, funny and I even met her dog.
Marlene Bojin
22:57 26 Feb 20
Amazing staff, fantastic service and a great product. It's always a pleasure working with Dr. Caudry and her team, and Dr. Susan Murray. I highly recommend them...BUT the best medical professional on the team is Dr. Charly!
Audrienne Coley
15:50 27 Feb 20
I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Caudry. Incredible before and after results. Thank you!
Dara Baek
21:44 05 Mar 20
I had a complicated tooth implant to be done and Dr. Caudry was open, honest and provided me with all the facts prior to the surgery. She did an amazing job and I had a super quick and smooth recovery. Highly recommended!
Jonathan Stacey
21:34 26 May 20
After conducting extensive research of top periodontists in Toronto, I concluded that Dr. Caudry was the most qualified and trusted person for my tooth extraction and dental implant. I appreciated her direct approach and her extensive knowledge (both as a practitioner and teacher) as she explained the stages of the procedure in terms that were easy to understand. [The fact she teaches implantology was a large factor in my decision making] After having the extraction and implant, I was very surprised not to have had any pain what so ever, and my check-up was a glowing success. Dr. Caudry and her team are very friendly and I would not hesitate to recommend their services.
Tim Jones
23:27 09 Jun 20
I saw Dr. Caudry for a very difficult front tooth implant. The root of the tooth took out a lot of bone, I had to have two rounds of bone grafting and then the placement of the implant root was difficult based on very limited space with my roots. I am very pleased with the service provided and the results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Caudry - she made the process easy and as 'enjoyable' as getting a dental implant can be.
Jaclyn Casey
15:43 09 Jun 20
Top notch, like my dentist who would have no other than Dr. Caudry for best results.
Richard Armin
18:11 09 Jun 20
From my mouth that once was a mess of crumbling teeth and slipshod dentistry and now is beautiful, comes my message to you: If I had to do it all over again, I'd confidently choose Dr. Caudry. I have seen Dr. Caudry several times since my major surgery. So that she knows that everything has gone according to plan, the follow-up appointments that she insists on are part of the operation. I admire such attentiveness.I also enjoy Dr. Caudry's caring personality and the excellent people who work with her - especially 5-star Fero who is her calm, efficient, gentle and cheerful assistant. The whole atmosphere in Dr. Caudry's office is positive and I actually look forward to each appointment as one looks forward to visiting good friends. Dr. Caudry, with my permission, featured my case in one of her many lectures to other practitioners and teachers. I mention that so that you know that Dr. Caudry is not only not only a patient's best friend but also is the professional to whom other practitioners turn.It would be great if all dental health practitioners paid such attention to detail as does Dr. Caudry. In my experience, they don't. But some do. And Dr. Caudry knows them. Here's a tip: If you need a good dentist, you might ask Dr. Caudry for recommendations. She's the best!
Moira Egan
19:08 17 Jun 20
My situation was uniquely complex. They solved the complicated problem by providing exceptional care with efficiency, compassion and professionalism. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Caudry and team. I was impressed with her acumen and interpersonal skills. Her commitment to education is also exceptional.
Adam Rumball
01:58 08 Jul 20
I was referred to Dr. Caudry for an extremely complicated case. The roots of two of my molars had fractured and the infection had spread into the sinus cavity. She was patient enough to explain the problem and then the course of treatment in a logical manner. It is rare to find a doctor who would identify the treatment, provide options and also recommend the best one based on multiple criteria. She explains beautifully and like a teacher, and I feel half of patient’s worries are gone if the patient is well informed and feels comfortable with the doctor. Dr. Caudry has extensive knowledge and experience in her domain. The surgeries went super smooth and I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have severe pain after the surgery. Her post-op follow ups are well planned and managed. The clinic is very clean, the front desk and staff are extremely polite and friendly, and they have stringent COVID-19 screening and established processes and policies. Till date I have had complex tooth extractions, bone grafting, clinical crown lengthening and would undergo dental implants. Dr. Caudry is skillful, has outstanding eye for detail, experienced, knowledgeable, wise, considerate and humorous too (not sure if anyone else mentioned that :) )! I would highly recommend her. I would have given her 5 Star +++, if only google would have allowed!! We all are lucky to have you as our periodontist.
kaustav das
17:30 26 Aug 20
Dr. Caudry and her team made me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into the office on my first visit. She is so knowledgable and extremely talented at what she does and shows a lot of compassion and assurance during the whole process. I was very impressed with how the office dealt with Covid as well, making me confident that they were taking measures to ensure everyone's safety. I would highly recommend Dr. Caudry, you will be well taken care of by her and her team.
nina jones
22:22 15 Sep 20

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