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Dr. Caudry was honored to be a main speaker at the world conference in Sweden, the home of the late Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark who invented the dental implant in the 1960’s. In the 1980’s Dr. Branemark imparted his knowledge and research of his invention to a select few at the University of Toronto to launch implant dentistry to the rest of the world. The University of Toronto was the first university to place implants outside of Sweden. It was these professors at the forefront of this new technology at the University of Toronto that were Dr. Caudry’s teachers.

Dr. Caudry continues the tradition of sharing her knowledge, expertise, and research to a new generation of Dentists in this ever-growing field of dental implants.

Eat, speak and smile with a new level of confidence.

Dental implants are a well-proven solution for over 50 years.  Dental implants have been used to permanently replace one, several, or all teeth in the upper and lower jaw since the mid 1960s. Dental implants are small screws made of titanium, a metal well documented for its ability to heal within bone. Once placed in the jawbone, dental implants act as artificial tooth roots that provide a stable base for single tooth crowns, larger bridges, or dentures. Not only do you look great, but you can eat virtually anything and no one needs to know… unless you choose to tell them.

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Frequently Asked Questions — Dental Implants

A dental examination is needed in all cases.  We review your health history, complete a thorough exam, review your needs, and develop a specialized plan – just for you.  Your questions and concerns are important to us. Our team will work with you very closely to make sure your treatment is a success.

We will discuss fees and insurance at your first visit. There are many types of insurance plans, and coverage for implants is varied. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining any benefits to which you may be entitled.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is a metal support that replaces the root of your tooth. It forms a foundation upon which a crown (replacement tooth) can be set. The crown is made of ceramic and metal and is attached to the implant via and abutment to create a complete replacement tooth .

Placement of the dental implant begins with freezing the area. The implant is placed into the bone, a temporary healing abutment is placed, and the soft tissues are sealed with sutures. After complete healing, when the bone has strongly attached to the implant, the healing abutment is replaced with a custom designed tooth made of metal and/or ceramic. Because everyone is different, healing time following surgery varies from on person to the next.  In some cases, implants are even able to receive a crown immediately after they are placed.

Multiple teeth are replace with multiple single implants, or with implant supported bridges or dentures. In these cases, the procedure is similar to that of a single implant (see above), however multiple implants are placed at once. Once the dental implants are in place and healed, a bridge or full prosthesis can be securely attached in place for a replacement solution that looks, feels, and functions just like natural teeth.

What about all implant surgeries? While there are over 1000 types of implants available on the market today, very few meet the standards and requirements of those accepted as medical devices by Health Canada. Even among those that meet these quality requirements, there are different sizes, lengths, and designs. These differences allow us more options to achieve the most optimal treatment.

Matching and coordinating implant selection with your site-specific requirements is imperative long term success of your investment. Our experience and extensive training allows us to select the most optimal implant specifications to meet your individual, site-specific, needs. This experience comes from placing multiple thousands of implants, in all types of circumstances.

When you have a tooth replaced, you want it to stay that way. A dental implant has a 92-98% success rate over 10 years. For this reason it is one of the best treatments dentistry has to offer. If fact, it can last for a lifetime. That’s something worth investing in.

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Our front office team will assist with scheduling your appointments, and processing dental insurance claims. We will answer all your question and concerns before any treatment begins. We strive to ensure our patients receive the most conservative treatment plan that will lead to the best treatment outcome. You do not need a referral to have a consultation.

Global Speaking Engagements and the Caudry Education Centre

Over the past 20 years Dr. Caudry has travelled the world imparting her knowledge, research, and technical skills to other Dental professionals.

Today Dr. Caudry carries on the tradition of using her exceptionally high level of education and surgical skills to the benefit of her patients while sharing those skills and experiences with her colleagues so they too can provide her knowledge and techniques to their patients.

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