About Gum Grafting

When gum recession occurs, teeth lose their attachment which is a natural defence against bacteria and trauma. Recession is always accompanied by root exposure, which leads to sensitivity and leaves them exposed and susceptible to root decay. Recession can be caused by grinding, past treatment with orthodontics (braces), malocclusion, and aggressive tooth brushing. Treatments and habits can be a greater risk for people who, based on their genetics, naturally have thin gums. When gum recession is a problem soft tissue grafting techniques may be a solution.

A gum graft is designed to solve problems such as thin gums or insufficient gum coverage (recession). A thin piece of tissue is used to provide a stable band of attached gingiva around the tooth. The gingival graft may be placed to cover the exposed portion of the root or to increase the thickness of existing gums. This procedure is highly predictable and results in a stable healthy band of attached tissue around the tooth.

The gingival graft can be obtained in two ways: either your own tissue (taken from the palate) or donated dermal tissue (Allograft).

The traditional treatment involves using the patient’s own tissue. This technique often gives the best surgical outcomes. However, an additional surgery site can cause considerable discomfort and a longer healing time for the patient. Allografts are an attractive and less invasive alternative. It involves using donated dermal tissue. Recent advancements in Allografts have improved surgical outcomes and so considerably decreased patient post-up pain. We always use the most advanced products available for the best possible surgical outcomes.

You will have your unique treatment plan and the choice of donor tissue to achieve the best possible result will be discussed.  We want to ensure the most comfortable treatment for you.

Gum grafting surgery takes approximately one hour for 1-3 teeth. The patient must be on a soft food diet for 6 weeks afterwards.  After this time the gums are functionally the same as pre-surgery. Full recovery takes about one year and tissues can continue to grow throughout the first year.

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