Dental implants are a tried and true way of permanently replacing multiple missing teeth.  This solution looks and functions just like a natural teeth.

An Excellent Aesthetic Result

A Life Long and Stable Solution


This procedure is very similar to replacing a single missing tooth with an implant.  It typically includes four visits to the periodontist; however the specific course of treatment varies depending on your particular needs. Generally either each individual tooth is replaced with an implant, or multiple teeth can be replaced at once with a fixed bridge.  Your specific conditions and treatment plan will be discussed at your first visit.

Benefits with fixed bridge on implants:

Having dental implants replacing your lost back teeth will give you new, unparalleled strength and stability that allows you to eat what you want. It will also preserve your jawbone and facial appearance. Traditional dentures can’t offer the same stability or function.

The only fixed alternative in most situations

A stable, secure solution that lets you eat what you want.

Preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss.

Like with a single implant, this procedure normally includes four visits to the dentist. The specific course of treatment varies from one patient to the next depending on your particular case. Your specific condition and plan will be discussed at your first visit.

Fixed Bridge Treatment

The course of treatment described here is one of several options available. At your first visit we will determine the best solution for you, given your specific condition.

At your first consult visit, we will assess the appropriate treatment plan for you. This includes the number and placement of the implants, and the need for surgical guides. With the aid of computer guided implant surgery, you may be able to view the planned outcome of your treatment at this time.

At your surgery appointment, local anesthetic is administered and the implants are placed.  In grander cases, where multiple implants are placed at the same time, it may be recommended that you have your surgery while under sedation. You will return to the Periodontist at least twice after treatment to monitor your healing.

The implants need to integrate with the jawbone before the permanent bridge is attached. This is normally done 2-4 months after the implants are placed. The time will vary, depending on the teeth affected and the aesthetic characteristics.

The new bridge replaces your natural teeth without damaging any adjacent teeth. You will have a stable and secure solution that allows you to eat what you want.

Alternatives to Implant supported bridge.

A removable denture made of plastic and metal can be used to replace multiple missing teeth.  While sometimes less costly than implants, they can be bulky and uncomfortable. In addition the denture itself can be a food trap, which can be smelly, and increase your risk of tooth decay.

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