With the technological advances of implants in dentistry, full removable dentures can be a thing of the past. No more messy adhesives, ill-fitting dentures, or embarrassing moments. All your teeth can be replaced with one prosthetic appliance securely attached to as few as 2 implants.

An Excellent Aesthetic Result

A Life Long and Stable Solution


Replacing all your teeth is a unique situation indeed. The treatment procedure and number of visits is largely dependent on your specific conditions. Book your consultation to discuss this procedure and determine if you are a candidate. You’ll be glad you did!

Benefits of a complete denture on implants

When all teeth are missing, dental implants provide a more stable tooth replacement option than a conventional denture. This is done with either a removable implant supported denture or a full arch fixed bridge. The result is a permanent, stable and attractive dental solution.

Lets you eat and function as though you have natural teeth.

A solid, stable solution that will serve you for life

Helps preserve bone fullness, maintaining your youthful look

Preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss

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Our front office team will assist with scheduling your appointments, and processing dental insurance claims. We will answer all your question and concerns before any treatment begins. We strive to ensure our patients receive the most conservative treatment plan that will lead to the best treatment outcome. You do not need a referral to have a consultation.

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Dr. Caudry has demonstrated drive and a pursuit for excellence throughout her career. She is not only a skilled clinician, but also highly educated and celebrated for her achievements and contributions to science.

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